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The Cultural Significance of Killing Things, My Man-Child Neediness, and Facebook Rehab.

  [Editor’s note: This is an especially long article. Some of you do not seem to mind indulging the author with this on occasion. For the rest, it is recommended you wait until a pretty lengthy dump is brewing down … Continue reading

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The Global War of Capitalism–Twenty-Five Dollars at a Time

So my friend found Kiva, where you can start off by getting a free $25 loan to someone around the world that is in need. Fruits & Vegetables – Uganda Make a $25 loan on Kiva and empower an individual … Continue reading

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A Boycott List for Concerned Christians

I read a short piece about how this image has caused a bit of a ruckus amongst the always Jesus-like Christian community. They are boycotting Oreos for this heinous sin. I thought I would include all of Kraft’s products listed … Continue reading

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Why I Love Fantasy and Why this Shit Sucks.

This is an indictment of fantasy. I love fantasy and science fiction. Not like, love. It took a good friend to hammer it into my head that fantasy movies and television have always sucked. Entertaining? Yes. But in the end, … Continue reading

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Live Through This. Lived Through That.

I think I have figured out how to fly again. If I just pretend that the plane might go down and I just might end up on FUCKYOU Island, where there is a hatch, a dog, a polar bear, and … Continue reading

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For Peter, New Religion

New Religion I want to start a religion. Everyone else seems to have a religion. You’ve got your Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, New-agers, your Satanists, Mormons, Pagans, the list goes on and on, with a mind-numbing number of offshoots and splinter … Continue reading

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Sex and Roomates Revisited. You All Have Been There.

Oh this has been a long time coming. Finally, my chance at redemption. Finally I, Brick Shaft, was about to even an old score…or at least… get on the fucking scoreboard. I was about to wipe the slate clean, win … Continue reading

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