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For Vomhof. Breaking Down Stereotypes and Feral Children.

Well it was an interesting ride home from the first annual Bill Hicks day in Austin Texas. I, purely by chance, discovered a new and easy way to break down stereotypes while on the train back to Chicago. Attempting to … Continue reading

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For “Greg” and “Inna.” Sex and Roommates. (from the archives)

This goes out to all the folks in the free world that have roommates. Roommates that have a lot of sex. Loud sex. Five alarm fire sex. Violating city noise ordinance codes sex. Explosive, bed-breaking, earth-shaking, Godzilla does Gamera sex.  … Continue reading

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Seattle Thai

I was traveling around the country by myself recently, and I spent some time up in Seattle. I love Thai food so I am always looking for a decent Thai restaurant, and I found one in Seattle, which is no … Continue reading

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